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Contribution FAQs
  • Are gifts to the Center tax deductible?
    Rockland Pregnancy Counseling Center which is now doing business as the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland is a 501c(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Are you affiliated with any particular church or denomination?
    The Center is not affiliated with any one church or denomination; we are a non-political, non-profit, inter-denominational Christian ministry that provides services to all, without discrimination.
  • Where does Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland funding come from, and how is it spent?
    Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland operates on an annual budget of $155,900, with about 60% coming from individuals, 20% coming from local church support and 20% coming from fundraising events. Last year approximately 71% of our income was spent on Programs and Services, 15% on Management, and 14% on marketing and fundraising.
  • Are your financial records reviewed by an independent auditor?
    Yes and our Federal (990’s) and our New York State Charitable returns are available upon request.
  • Do you abide by a Statement of Faith?
    Yes, please click here to read our Statement of Faith.
  • Do you provide money for abortions?
    We do not give referrals to abortion clinics or provide any financial assistance to obtain abortions.
  • Do you facilitate adoptions?
    We are not a licensed adoption agency, but provide options information which includes adoption.
  • Do you distribute any forms of birth control?
    Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland does not engage in contraceptive counseling or in referring for contraceptives or contraceptive services. (Married women seeking contraceptive Information should be urged to seek counsel, along with their husbands, from their pastor and physician.)

Will You Help?

Our work is made possible through the generous support of our financial partners.  Every financial gift, no matter how great or small, helps us continue these vital ministry and outreach efforts.  Please prayerfully consider how you may contribute.

Contributions can be mailed to:

Care Net Pregnancy Center
2 Perlman Drive
Suite L9
Spring Valley, NY 10977

Or Donate Online:

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